Starter Home Rentals was started in 2003 with just one rental home. Since then, we have grown and now have many single-family homes and apartments to choose from. We have houses and apartments for rent in Iowa (Sioux City), South Dakota (Elk Point & Jefferson), and Minnesota (Twin Cities).

Our goal is to provide quality rental homes for affordable prices. We noticed that whenever we tried to find a home to rent, it was very difficult to find a nice-looking home in a nice neighborhood for a price that we could afford. We decided to remedy that problem, and since 2003, we have done just that.

At Starter Home Rentals, we have 2-5 bedroom homes ranging from $550 - $900 per month. We have two-bedroom apartments ranging from $550-$650 per month. We also have one-bedroom apartments ranging from $520-$620 per month. If you are looking for a home or apartment, and we don't have one available, please e-mail us with what you are looking for. If something comes available that would meet your needs, we will get in touch with you right away.

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6408 Shetland Drive Northwest,
Rochester, MN, 55901 US

Sioux City Apartments
1306 Villa Avenue,
Sioux City, IA, 51103 US

Elk Point 1 Apartments
110 N Franklin St.,
Elk Point, South Dakota, 57025 US

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